Repair your existing fence quickly

Our fencing services go beyond installation. If you have a broken fence on your property, it won't benefit you in any way. You can call Griffith Fencing & Awnings for fencing repairs to improve your privacy and safety. Schedule an appointment with Griffith Fencing & Awnings today by calling 270-300-2850.

Don't Falter on the Fence

Hire a fencing company to enhance your home in Elizabethtown, KY

Installing a fence around your property can increase your privacy and safety while enhancing curb appeal. Whether you own a business or a home in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, you can call Griffith Fencing & Awnings, LLC for your fencing services. You can customize your space and improve your property value in one fell swoop.

Choose from several different fencing styles

When you call a fencing company for your installation, you'll be able to choose your own fencing style. Griffith Fencing & Awnings in Elizabethtown, Kentucky can install and repair:

  • Chain-link fencing
  • Wood privacy fencing
  • Aluminum and steel fencing
  • Barbed wire farm fencing

  • Each type of fencing has its own benefits, depending on what look you want and the purpose of the fence. A fencing company like Griffith Fencing & Awnings can walk you through the benefits of each type to help you choose the fencing that's right for you.